So you want be a Toothache Dentist?

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The economy may take the country on a roller coaster ride, but people will always have teeth and according to Dr. Howard Farran one of the main reasons they call a dentist is they have a toothache problem. We have developed a niche marketing product which uses the trademarked 'Toothache Guy' to help brand a dental office as 'toothache friendly'. (A sample bus bench design shown below- and be sure to ask what radio ad they used to get an amazing ROI)

That's right, many dental offices look at people with dental pain as a nuisance or they think only 'low lifes' get toothaches... many of these dentists are now having their CEREC machines repossessed! If you are interested in more information in how you can take your office and turn it into a magnet for more new patients visit

John Lennon and Elvis with the Toothache Guy!
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